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The Roadhouse

Sandra "Drama" Lynch is the last woman left in Los Pirados, the Central Texas motorcycle club she co-founded nine years ago with her husband, Michael, road name "Slide," and some of their friends who like to ride. In her most infamous photo, she's wearing an orange jumpsuit, her hair tied back, eyes pinched and radiating hate. Today she's in an orange M.C. T-shirt under a black leather vest bearing club patches, including one in the shape of a Harley: "I Support the Fat Mexican," and jeans. Other members of the club and one or two Ol' Ladies are similarly attired. When we meet, she's just stepped down the McClennan County courthouse steps, where she gave a speech to a couple dozen bikers to commemorate the noontime shooting three years ago at a Twin Peaks restaurant off I-35 that resulted in nine dead, 20 injured and nearly 200 arrested on identical charges.You missed it! she says to me by way of a greeting. I thought the event was from no…

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